Processing the plastic materials: stories and achievements

In over 50 years of experience in plastic processing, the Plax Group has acquired a technical know-how that reaches  virtually every industrial sector.

Thanks to our technologies, the Research & Development department has been able to coordinate with our customers, from the design, to find alternative solutions using plastic materials, in a way unthinkable until now.

This guarantees at the customer economics benefits as well as in term of time and speeds realization, allowing them to shorten time to market and production.

Our value as a business partner, is witnessed above all, by the results obtained with our customers, many of whom have also had the foresight to come up with us to identify solutions outside conventional schemes.

Industrial markets

Much of our work is done with customers who traditionally deal with the plastic industry, such as Biomedical companies. Thanks to our certified ISO 8 certified rooms we are able to obtain products with high levels of purity and transparency, especially suitable for secondary packaging.

We give a lot of importance to the relationships with IT and telecommunications companies (ICTs) whose products often require accurate and functional design.

The food or retail market requires a combination of very high standards combined with particular aesthetic solutions that meet the needs of marketing departments.

Support for all industrial processes is one of the new areas of interest: With the advent of new industry technology 4.0, automation, there is an increasingly needs to handle elements such as trays or carts that are easily transportable on automatic lines, and easily manipulated by robots along the production lines. In this way they will be reusable for continuous cycle.