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Thanks to the process called Injection Molding we are able to produce parts in large volumes.

This manufacturing process is typically used in mass-production processes where the same part is being multiple times in succession.

This means the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low and the price event tends to drop drastically as more parts are produced.

Injection molding solutions

Co-design and product development

``... being involved more and more in the preliminary design phases of new products ...``

Customers recognize that Plax Gorup Ltd is reliable partner, this is demonstrated by the fact that Plax Group Ltd is being involved more and more in the preliminary design phases of new products.

Plax Group Ltd actively collaborates, with the customer development center during the design phase, using advanced software which allows an effective and rapid exchange of data, with the objective of constantly reducing the time-to-market.

The product which is developed in co-design is subsequently industrialized, once the most technologically appropriate solution has been identified from both an economic and technical point of view.

Tool design: from the idea to the mould

``... able to rapidly produce pilot moulds ...``

Plax Group Ltd designs and builds its own moulds for the manufacturing of technical and aesthetic articles of different dimensions.

The design phase takes place using CAD systems in 3D with the support of FEA simulation software.

We are also able to rapidly produce pilot moulds for small series both in steel and in aluminum alloy.

Thanks to our in-house potential, a tool shop equipped with the most advanced production resources and to the know-how of our technical staff, we can guarantee in reduced times the supply of a series of moulds even for articulate projects, with maximum safety, guaranteeing the customer flexibility and quality.

The Plax Tool-shop for the design and carrying out of moulds  is located in via s.Luigi 40  in Cornate d’Adda – Italy.

In its role as a global partner for its own customers, Plax Group Ltd has understood the importance of pushing and widening its outsourcing boundaries to Eastern Europe and Asia, to be in a position to better face the challenges of an evermore vast and competitive market.

Product manufacturing

``... the effectiveness of integrating different technologies ...``

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of integrating different technologies and manufacturing processes with the aim of supplying integrated products which are ready for their final use.

Our main activity is the injection moulding of thermo-plastic materials.

Over the years we have added to our specific competence in injection moulding a series of complementary work processes, such as:

  • screen-printing,
  • pad-printing,
  • painting (decorative and conductive),
  • insert inclusion,
  • ultrasound/hot blade welding,
  • mechanical assemblie,
  • and testing.

Plax Group Ltd makes the following available to its customers

  • a pool of 30 presses, tonnage varying from 22 to 1000 ton in its
    manufacturing plants in Cornate d’Adda.
  • a staff of approx. 100, – a total covered surface area of 8,000 sq.m.,
    split into two production areas, warehouses and assembly lines

In addition to the Italian plant, since the beginning of 2005 the Lampia Rom production plant in Arad (Romania) and since January 2008 the plant in Suzhou (PRC) have been operating.


``the need to combine two supposedly contrasting distribution philosophies ...``

Amongst the very first Companies in Europe, we recognized the need to combine two supposedly contrasting distribution philosophies, with the result of making totally “custom” products available to its Customers, but using an approach of traditional distribution of “standard” products.

We have therefore been operating since the beginning of the 90s using numerous warehouses decentralized in Italy, Europe, USA and China, and localized in the immediate vicinity of our Customers, with obvious advantages:

For the customer

  • certainty of product availability
  • reduction in warehouse management and transport costs
  • high level of service (expected yield times of less than 24 hours) at a competitive cost

For Plax Group Ltd.

  • guarantee of its presence even in areas which are geographically
    very far away, possibly also followed by production relocation.
  • optimization of management costs (management centralization using e-business method) and of production resources.