Put your project in good hands – from start to finish!

Here at Plax Group Ltd, we want to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. That is why we are determined to provide high-quality products every time.

One important step in our mission is that we design and manufacture in-house the molds for production of technical and aesthetic articles of various sizes.

It is our in-house potential, tools fitted with the most advanced production resources and the know-how of our technical staff, that guarantees the rapid supply of a series of molds for articulated projects while still maintaining maximum safety.

We strive to guarantee our customer the flexibility and quality they need and expect.

Our advantage is also the fact that we are able to produce pilot molds for small series very quickly both in steel and in aluminum alloy and that our design is carried out using 3D CAD systems with the support of FEA simulation software.

We are aware of the challenges brought by an increasingly vast and competitive market.

That is why Plax Group Ltd. has started pushing and expanding its borders by outsourcing to Eastern Europe and Asia and thus strengthening its role as a global partner.