“… an alternative to other costly and less flexible
materials and technologies …”

We ensure our customers a competitive advantage by investing in the latest Thermo-Forming technologies.

We are able to obtain a lower cost of manufactured items of a complex shape
due to thermo-forming, a technical procedure that gives us a major competitive advantage since we are able to offer our products as an
alternative to other costly and less flexible materials and technologies.

The main focus of our company is the manufacturing of following products:

  • trays/plateaus for internal and external handling of goods
  • protection devices for industrial processes
  • inner boxes for caskets
  • supports for promotional articles
  • containers for the bio-medical sector
  • transparent bivalves and blisters for retailers
  • display units/stands

What we do with thermoforming

Products for medical use

``... high levels of transparency and purity ... ``

With reference to the more complex requirements and technological content of biomedical products, we are able to manufacture the containers which are necessary for the secondary packaging of articles in the medical/pharmaceutical sector, such as containers for:

  • phials
  • dispenser
  • applicators
  • biocompatible and biomechanical products
  • products for surgery
  • vascular prostheses
  • implantable pulse generators

We carry out compound packaging where reduced dimensions are required, or where handling is difficult or for items where different preparation steps are involved, so that they can be viewed without jeopardizing their functionality until the time when they are used.

We make multifunctional containers to be used in operating theatres in hospitals, such as trays for positioning instruments or samples, protective containers for filtering systems and conservation.

Technical notes

Manufactured using materials with high levels of transparency
and purity, free of stabilisers and plasticisers so they are totally non-toxic: they can undergo further sterilisation operations after the relative filling.

For these products systems are used that are equipped with the necessary devices to carry out items which are free of deposited or included impurities.

The production of these articles takes place entirely inside our certified ISO 8 clean rooms (class 100.000).

Containers for foodstuffs

``... in compliance with all the norms ...``

We are able to manufacture containers for foodstuffs, small containers for food on refrigerated counters, made in transparent or coloured material, in compliance with all the norms in force regarding food substances. 

Coupled materials can also be used to better meet every requirement of the foodstuff in the container.

These small containers can be closed by welding plastic film or using an interlocking lid.

Industrial technical supports and trays

``... using new automation technologies... ``

We currently manufacture trays for safe transportation and relevant protection for items with minimum dimensions of 5 mm up to more than 500 mm, carried out with a view to optimizing space and making all transport operations easier.

We manufacture trays for internal transport which can be handled using new automation technologies, robotized and which can be positioned on standard plastic odette transport units, pallets, wire baskets etc.

For each tray it is possible to study its de-stacking and relative automatic filling with robot, and the systems for hooking it and drawing it along automatic lines.

In addition, the trays can be designed so that they can be stacked at the beginning and placed one on top of the other at the end of the work process.

These trays can be made with different thicknesses depending on  the items they are designed to contain:  with very thin thicknesses for disposable trays which take into account just one single transport cycle, or with greater thicknesses so they can be recycled if more than one transport cycle is foreseen.

Products for large scale retail distribution

``... guaranteeing airtight packaging of the product ...``

We carry out all types of two-valve cases with single opening or multiple openings, with transparent or colored materials which can be customized with writings and images, labels or illustrative cardboard inserts and with possible openings for product testing.

These thermo-formed items can be carried out with slots so they can be hung up at the sales point or with supporting feet so they can be placed on flat surfaces.

Apart from this two-valve type, it is possible to make blister-packs together with cardboard insert and transparent thermo-formed valve to form anti-shoplifting packaging.

It is further possible to couple the thermo-formed valve not only with the cardboard insert, but also with high frequency welded sheets of plastic material, guaranteeing airtight packaging of the product.

Promotional products

``... a strong visual and aesthetic impact ...``

We manufacture all those articles necessary to promote new products on the large scale retail market.  Some examples:

  • Base-holders for promotions in magazines
  • Internal parts for cardboard boxes
  • Internal parts for transparent material boxes
  • Talcum powder holder packages
  • Internal parts for cases
  • Internal parts for rigid boxes, only lid or bottom and lid

These products can be customized with notices and colored labels.

We make these items with materials which have a strong visual and aesthetic impact, such as flocked materials (velvet effect), with an embossed effect or coupled with materials and synthetic leather, with controlled opaqueness or with a wood effect.

Counter display units

``... using the most innovative technologies in three-dimensional ...``

We manufacture counter/shop window display units for promotional articles with the possibility of customization:

  • logos,
  • pictures,
  • relief or bas-relief writing,
  • possible protection from dust,
  • either fixed or removable,
  • decorations in gold,
  • using heat treatment or pad-printing
  • or screen-printing with one or more colors
  • … etc.

We prepare them for the insertion of illustrative cardboard crowners, at the back or at the front, applying transparent or colored labels in different materials.

Technical notes

All these display units are designed using the most innovative technologies in three-dimensional settings to check out their possible penetration on the market.

Furthermore, we work together with many of the most important advertising companies on a national and international level, carrying out studies on product launches.