PLAX enters in ELITE.

PLAX has been admitted to “ELITE”, London Stock Exchange Group program for companies which want to consolidate their internationalization and global leadership.

ELITE is aimed at the cream of Italian enterprises, and offers a three-phase-programme to help them chart the route to success by supporting them in a unique process of cultural and organisational change, introducing them to the capital markets, enhancing relations with the banking and enterprise system and fostering the internationalisation.

ELITE is an international integrated service platform designed to support businesses in delivering their GROWTH projects.

Over 601 excellent companies joined the ELITE program and accepted the challenge of representing the best companies in the country


Germano Grandi, President of Plax srl

“Given our desire to pursue a significant path of growth and development which allows us to come closer to a possible listing on AIM Italia, the ELITE project seemed an interesting opportunity. Not only for the possibility to face other outstanding enterprises and for the chance to increase our visibility, but also to grasp the opportunity to invest in the growth, above all cultural, of our top management.”