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Plax Group: since 1958
in the plastics processing sector


Plax Group is a company specializing in mold construction and thermoplastic molding. The services that Plax Group offers are intended for a global clientèle that demands high quality and constant support at all stages of the process.

Our ambitions of self-improvement and innovation, to respond in a personalized way to the needs of every customer, investing heavily in new installations and in the professionalism of our staff, guides Plax's decisions towards offering a quality product.


In addition to being an operational and productive group, the vision of Plax Group falls within a broader horizon, aimed at becoming the provider of innovative technical solutions , supported by our availability and flexibility with regard to our customers.

This is reflected in our company motto: “Devoted to performance, committed to you”.

Values and sustainability

For years, ethical, environmental, social and health and safety sustainability has been a guiding principle at PLAX. 

 It is a principle that permeates all the activities of the group, allowing us to maximize the opportunities in the areas of innovation and sustainable technology and to foresee and mitigate risks in our operational and business performance.

Plax in summary:

  • More than 50 years’ experience in molding and transforming plastics
  • Founded in 1958 in Zola Predosa (Italy).
  • Highly qualified staff who guarantee timely solutions
  • Over 600 employees (98% with permanent contract - 55% women)
  • Turnover 2017: 44 million euro.
  • Constant growth in turnover (+30%) and employees (+18%) in the last 5 years.
  • 8 production sites (Italy, Romania, China, Tunisia) for designing and building molds
  • Warehouses in North America and Central Europe.
  • over 100 injection presses with tonnage from 30 to 1500 tons
  • 18 thermoforming machines
  • Cleanrooms for molding and assembly
  • R&D and Marketing & Sales offices in Italy and China.
  • Certifications awarded: ISO 9001, 18001, 14001
  • Certifications recently completed: ISO 13485, IATF 14986


Plaxtiglass was founded in 1958 as a private company, whose core business was the production of plastic articles using thermoforming.

In 1990, Plaxtiglass acquired Due Erre International, another leading company in the vacuum thermoforming sector. In 1995 the renamed Plax Group also acquired full control of Askerz. In 2006, Plax Group acquired another leading company in its sector, Rodan, expanding its range of thermoformed products and acquiring high frequency welding technology.
Lampia was founded in 1961 and its core business is the production of molds and the related production of plastic articles using injection molding.

In 2006, Lampia and its subsidiary Lampia Rom (headquarters in Romania) were acquired by Plax Group.

In 2007, Plax Group founded the third company in the injection molding sector, Wanox, located in Suzhou (China), thus taking the group's production to Asia.

In 2008, Plax Group founded Protolampia, which operates in the field of rapid prototyping. This last company has allowed the group to complete its range of services, allowing us to accompany our customers from the design to the final production of the product.

In 2017, Plax group acquired Meccanica GM, a company specialized in injection molding for the automotive sector. The acquisition of Meccanica GM provides PLAX Group with additional factories in Italy (Loreto) and Tunisia.

Dove siamo

  • Plax S.r.l. – Milano
  • Registered address: Via San Gregorio 53, 20214 Milano
  • Tel: +39 0283489617
  • Plax S.r.l. – Cornate d’Adda
  • Plant: Via San Luigi 40 20872 Cornate d’Adda (MB)
  • Tel: +39 039 6926812
  • Fax: +39 039 692363
  • Plax S.r.l. – Torino
  • Plant: Via G. Cubito, 53 (loc. frazione Ceretta) cap 10077 S. Maurizio Canavese (TO)
  • Tel: +39 011 9279477
  • Fax: +39 011 9279488
  • Plasteknique Sarl
  • Plant: Rue Sidi Bouzid Z.I Mghira Ben Arous Tunis
  • Tel: +216 79 408 751
  • Fax: +216 79 408 752
  • Wanox
  • Plant: No.88 Yinsheng Rd. SIP Suzhou City Jiangsu province PRC 215126 ShengPu Town
  • Tel: +86 512 62890760
  • Fax: +86 512 62890779
  • Lampiarom
  • Plant: Str. Steagului nr. 1 Saniculau Mic Arad
  • Tel: +40 257 278 795
  • Fax: +40 257 278 755