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Plastics assembly

Plastics assembly is an additional activity that the Plax Group provides to its customers, offering plastic injection molding and assembly of parts at low cost but with quality standards aligned to the automotive sector.

Production internalization:

Plax Group launched an international acquisition project some time ago. Today it has two other establishments, in Tunisia and Romania, dedicated to molding and assembly.

Their proximity to Italy and the excellent logistic organisation, with weekly transport operated by articulated lorries through various Italian ports, combined with a powerful network of partnerships with other local certified companies, allows us to maintain unchanged the features that make Plax productions unique.

Quality and control in plastics assembly operations:

On Plax lines, the plastics assembly is undertaken by highly qualified personnel , who are in charge of verifying and controlling both compliance with the geometry of the plastic parts and the quality of the finishes of the molded material, and also the matching and functionality of the assembled part.

Every detail is covered, thanks to the meticulous quality control , performed on all the items that move between the various production departments. Movements and transhipments can lead to damage caused by neglect and inexperience. For this reason, careful checks are carried out in all departments and each piece is carefully examined both by the operators involved in the assembly phases and by the Quality Control Managers . Quality Control Managers are in charge of verifying the conformity of the item to the parameters provided by the customer and the ISO9001:2015 and IATF standards .

Product quality control is performed using automatic machinery with 4.0 technology. Tests, measurements, functionality and inspections are aimed at declaring the conformity of the product to the technical specifications. 
All qualitative reports, records, production data of each product order and the same traceability of the lots from the raw material to the finished product are recorded , archived and made available to customers at all times.

Stages of plastics assembly operations:

The assembly lines for plastic componentsinclude the following phases:

  • Assembly;
  • Control;
  • Complete management of production flow.

The crucial aspect on which the development of the architecture of assembly and testing lines in Tunisia and Romania has been focused is the flexibility of the assembly system. This flexible architecture enables the management of dozens of different models of finished products, with variable production lots even for smaller volumes.

In fact, each station can perform variable work phases. To simplify the information held by the operators, the assembly instructions are managed scrupulously, mounted on each workstation depending on the product being assembled at the time.

The different types of assembly of plastic components can be agreed in terms of methods, times and costs to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Precision and punctuality in plastics assembly operations:

Constantly optimizing the work processes and taking extreme care of every detail, has allowed us to guarantee over the years maximum precision in assembly processes and punctuality of delivery.

Waste maintenance and the control of production waste, combined with the low cost of production in Romania and Tunisia, means that the costs of Plax assembly lines are particularly competitive.