Plax Group Ltd.: since 1958 in the plastic market

Plaxtiglass was founded in 1958 as a private company whose core business was the production of articles in plastic material using a thermo-forming process.

In 1990 Plaxtiglass acquired Due Erre International, another leading company in the sector of vacuum thermo-forming. In 1995 the by now Plax Group also acquired full control of Askerz.

In 2006 the Plax Group acquired another leading company in its sector, Rodan, thus extending its range of thermo-formed products and acquiring high frequency welding technology.

The core business of Lampia, founded in 1961, lies in the manufacturing of moulds and in the relative production of articles in plastic materials using injection moulding.

In 2006 Lampia and its controlled company Lampia Rom (located in Romania) were acquired by the Plax Group.

In 2007 the Plax Group founded a third company in the injection moulding sector, Wanox, located in Suzhou (China), so Group production started up in Asia.

In 2008 the Plax Group founded the newborn Protolampia which is active in the fast prototyping sector. The latter company has led to the group completing its range of services, allowing us to assist the customer from design to final product manufacturing.