Take advantage of Rapid Prototyping & turn your great
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We use rapid prototyping to create a 3-dimensional model of a part or product so we can test the efficiency of a part or product design before it is manufactured in larger quantities.

What are the key advantages of Rapid Prototyping?

Easy to Apply Changes

Reducing the production risk between new design and manufacturing.

Less Cost and Time

Rapid prototyping has a minimal setup cost and the money and time necessary for creating molds & special tools can be saved.

Fewer Design Flaws

With additive manufacturing, you can identify flaws and problems before going to mass production.

Our Prototyping solutions


Aluminum, ABS, stainless steel, nylon, Teflon, brass


Ideal for technical/aesthetic prototypes, and for subsequent finishes and colors.

  • max. dimension of the monolithic part: 1000x1000x2000 mm
  • material: ABS, PP, Crystal, New white


Ideal for technical prototypes requiring no surface finishing or coloring

  • max. dimension of the monolithic part: 680x370x550 mm
  • material: Nylon, Nylon + glass-, Nylon + 30% or 50% carbon, Nylon + 30% or 50% aluminium

Silicom moldings

Ideal for small series with pieces that are virtually identical to the definitive ones

  • max dimension of the monolithic part: 1000x1000x2000 mm
  • material: similiar ABS, similar PA, similar PP, Clear PMMA / PC high UV resistance, 25-35-50-60-75 shA tires (black-beige amber color)

Metal sintering

Ideal for metal prototypes

  • max. dimension of the monolithic part: 320x320x600 mm
  • material: EOS Aluminum AlSi 10 mg, EOS Cobalt Cobalt MP1 for EOSINT M270, EOS Titanium Ti64 & EOS Titanium Ti 64 ELI


High-resolution materials like ABS technology

FDM (Fused Deposition Molding)

true threaded wire technology

  • max. dimension of the monolithic part: 914x610x914 mm
  • material: ABS, PC, Nylon, ULTEM 9085, PPSF


Ideal for aesthetics and presentations.

  • Metalizations
  • Nextel soft touch coatings
  • Special finishing, metal plating (allows plastic to be transformed into several metal parts)
  • Carbon effect


Ideal for final pieces with average seriality

Reverse engineering

Technology that allows the rebuilding of a 3D mathematical model by scanning

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